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Sign-up-form for Health Professionals
For Doctors Psychologist Psychiatrist Physiotherapist and other Medical Health Practitioners (Physical, Social & Mental Health)

Be a part of the next big thing in healthcare.
by Aelation Lifelong Learning Research Council
Join us in our journey of revolutionizing healthcare delivery by harnessing technology to help millions lead healthier lives.
We know how much it takes to become a qualified doctor so we have taken away all your hassle to look out for your patients once you have qualified. will give you an easy reach to all the patients, all you need is to Free sign up!
We are trying to create an end to end Doctor-Patient assistance platform for customers with online consultations, offline doctor consults, second opinion, investigations, report review, etc.

What it has for you as Health Professional :-

  • We will be referring our online/Offline patient to you for online or Face-to-Face Offline consultations.
  • Patient who needs to undergo pre and post hospitalisation investigation will be referred for consultations.
  • Service Provider will get Free Profile listing on website and Service Provider have to pay only Patient Assistance Service Charge
  • Patient who consults our team of in-house counselors online will be referred to you for consultations
    Be a part of the next big thing in healthcare. Sign Up !

We will contact you within 24 hours after filling form and will share Patient appointment details to you via SMS/email/whatsapp

For any support kindly call us on +91 9990198999 or mail